Dave in his natural habitat

I am a professional Illustrator with decades of experience in advertising and publishing (children’s books, soap ads, editorial). Years ago, I started keeping a sketchbook with random doodles, and slices of genius in it. Over the years a number of sketches took on a life of their own, and I ended up writing little vignettes to accompany some of the drawings. I started publishing these creations as a webcomic in 2008. I called the webcomic Artiste Gullible, and it was moderately successful. I loved doing it, and it fed a creative hole inside of me.

Then, for no good reason, I stopped.

Ten years later, I found myself missing and returning to this personal, random, illustration and writing project. So I have decided to start publishing it on the web again. Some of it contains my writing. Some of it is just me digging down rabbit holes (like banned books?) I like the non-standard “whatever” format. Its a webcomic, a portfolio, a therapy hole. It’s fun. Please don’t give me grief about it.

Do I think I will make a lot of money doing it? No. (I didn’t last time either). But making some money would be cool. I am unable to work the webcomic show circuit, so I sell prints and advertising from my site. If you like what you see… buy a print. It will make me feel good, and encourage me to be a little more consistant in my posts. Can’t afford a print? How about recommending my site to others? The more people who read my creations, the more likely I am to sell something.

Read, refer, buy a print… It’s all I ask.

It goes without saying that just because you see it here on the web, you don’t have permission to copy my work and use it as you see fit. All copyrights are mine. If I haven’t given explicit written permission then you can’t use anything that appears on this site. I have attorneys that I use in my illustration business. They are as committed to litigation as I am to drawing.  They often beg me to leverage their skills, so… Just say no.

If you enjoy my work let me know. Praise and encouragement are always welcome.

If you want the inside scoop on what I’m currently drawing, and WIPs, and how did I survive being a creative in a commodity driven world then jump on my Patreon page. I’m very active. I give discounts on prints, I rant. It’s entertaining.

David Van Etten
Grand Poo-Bah Van Etten Studios
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