There’re monsters in my daughter’s room,
that never stand a chance.
The dragon underneath her bed,
laments his circumstance.

The kraken in her dresser drawer,
he cowers at the site,
of Dani standing on her bed,
despite his appetite.

There are zombies in her closet,
who’re clawing at the door.
They’re scared that she might ambush then
chase them around the floor.

There’re vampires in her dormer,
and werewolves in her shoes.
And each would rather run away,
than face her. Wouldn’t you?

Dani’s courage gives them goosebumps.
Her heart gives them a scare.
The monsters won’t go anywhere
if Dani’s standing there.

So she is giving notice now,
to monsters near and far.
Avoid her room if you are smart.
She’s queen of her boudoir.