Cliff arrived on the outermost island in the Barrie archipelago, the Land of Sometimes and Maybe, with a single-minded goal; reassignment. Anything would be better than Bangarang duty on Neverland. Many considered Neverland a paradise. Cliff, however, lived among the lower creatures whose duty it was to clean up after the food fights, the all-night parties, and pointless pirate raids. It was a dirty job filled with stale pixie dust, discarded Bangabrew bottles, and spoiled food.

The Land of Sometimes and Maybe was the administrative seat for Neverland. Meliea Bell was the fairy in charge of civil-service assignments. She looked down from her perch atop a stout mushroom and considered Cliff’s request.

“Do you have any skills, or talents other than custodial crew?” She asked.

“Well… I can fix things?” Cliff replied. “I’m also an inventor.”

Meliea looked at Cliff with a raised eyebrow. “An inventor? Really? Like what?”

“Well, I once created an appliance that recycles pixie dust. I then sold the bottled product as green, free range, organic magic, made from 98% reclaimed post-pixie product. It was really popular with the tribe, and I was researching a distribution deal with the Pirates, but Tink convinced Peter that this ‘unregulated product’ posed a community health concern. My whole operation was shut down.”

“Tink?” Meliea rolled her eyes. “That bimbo would dust anything that moves. The only concern she’s worried about is her hold on Peter. She has an unhealthy attraction to bad boys who never grow up. Everyone knows it, but she’s the family favorite. She can do no wrong.

I’ll tell you what. The Mermaid’s Rock needs a good scrubbing, and heaven knows that they are never going to do it themselves. How would you like to be the one who keeps their shells polished?”

“Uh… I think I could handle that.” Cliff replied in a voice that failed to hide his excitement.

“And maybe later you could show me your fairy dust recycling machine? Tink’s not the only fairy in Neverland, and if this product twists her wings — I’m all for it!