a forest of trees

Trees are a metaphor for living things reaching for the sun. Actually… forget that. Never mind.

I don’t blog anymore. With the proliferation of social media who needs to blog? Seriously. And the opposite is true as well. With the vast amount of minutia being cataloged and made public, why would I read a blog buried within the dots of the internet? I guess the one exception is the desperate lonely content provider. The person who blogs about something specific that (hopefully) satisfies a niche within the ‘verse. (Like a webcomic.) But the random blogger? They may not know it but they are dead, screaming into the canyon of obscurity to make themselves feel good.

With my webcomic sitting front and center, comments enabled, why would I dilute the experience with my personal ramblings? Isn’t that why Facebook (Twitter, Instagram,) exists? I don’t see the need for anything more.

So this is a blog page without a blog, a fallen tree in a forest that nobody hears. So if you have found this page, and you have actually read what I’ve written thus far, I congratulate you. Which leaves me with one burning question… Did it make a sound?